Ideal for a first or budget home, office or addition to existing homes, Darwin show award-winning Solaris Units combine elegant design with reliable electricity for remote or rural locations.

Solaris Units are transportable, modular and self-powered. They can be purchased or leased in standard design or constructed as per customers’ desires. The standard design includes 2 bedrooms, lounge, kitchen and bathroom (WC requires Septic tank).

Solaris Unit energy packages include Solar panels (3.3-6.5 kWh), lithium batteries (3.3 kWh up to 100 kWh total) and backup generators to ensure 24/7 power in all situations. Multiple Solaris units can be connected to increase power generation and storage capacity.

Solar City NT has formed relationships with local suppliers to ensure flexibility in offering a complete package solution to meet all customer requirements. 

Solaris Units are designed and produced in Australia to the highest standards. They can be monitored online to ensure optimal operation, removing the need for site visits. 

Solaris Units can operate off or on-grid, or a combination of both. They are available in 2 models. The “C” series (up to 20 kWh) for small or medium size homes or “S” series (up to 40 kWh) for larger size homes. 

Lead time for production is 6-10 weeks and installation takes only 1-day. Transportation requires a single-escort Crane Truck.

For more information please contact Solar City NT.

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